The vanishing of two Dutch girls in the Panamanian jungle.
The English translation will be available mid July (the latest).

Lost in the jungle, a dramatic tale about the disappearance of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon in Panama, is without a doubt one of the beste ‘true crime’ novels I have read in the past years. The question at hand being if we can be sure there even was a crime? Or could it have been a tragic and fatal accident? The writers have thoroughly investigated and reconstructed this case and have come up with surprising discoveries. The reader follows the investigation every step of the way. This book is a real page-turner. It is a fascinating quest for the truth, combing through every fact and detail and a absolute must for detectives, sleuths and journalists. The latter having already overturned themselves with this case.

Peter R. de Vries – well known Dutch crime investigating journalist

Lost in the jungle is an elaborate research story about the disappearance and death of two young women in the Panamanian wilderness. The reader rides a long on this thorough investigation, following every step that leads to their merciless ending. Even though the topic is very well known it is hard to stop reading this book. It is a real page-turner.


Nadette de Visser – author and investigating journalist (The Daily Beast)

Ashtonishingly detailed without rushing or overly dramatizing the story. A narration that seems to have finally, after ruling out every conspiracy, questioning and suggestion, revealed the truth.

Frank van de Goot Рforensic pathologist 

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Ricardo Soto Escamilla, with his rescue dogs Layla (left) and Lexy (right, in training) is the interpreter for Lost in the Jungle and working as a volunteer with Rescue Dogs RHWW.

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