Rescue Dogs RHWW

robustus ab collaborare dum zamia
strong by working together when persons are missing

The “St. Reddingshonden RHWW” – Rescue Dogs RHWW is founded in 1989 and is a non-profit volunteer organisation. In 2001 the RHWW has become a foundation for the benefit of public interest. Duiven and Westervoort are situated in the eastern part of Holland near Arnhem, the capital of the province Gelderland. The RHWW operates nationally and internationally and is engaged in search and rescue assistance.

The purpose of the RHWW is to train rescue-dogs and their handlers to assist in search and rescue operations. The RHWW has almost 40 members. The half of the members are SARdog handlers. The majority of the dogs are first-class rescue-dogs and are very experienced. A small number are in their first year of the two-years training required for search and rescue operations. We train continually for tracking, area searching, disaster-relief and marine searching. We also have a support team with divers for marine search and rescue, outdoor specialists and people who help with the logistics. The RHWW has support equipment for that type of work such as a boat with trailer, a sonar-installation, Global Positioning System, Controlpost-trailer with communication equipment etc…
During search and rescue operations, we work closely with the police, the Fire brigade and the Army.

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