Marja West made her debut in 2015 with Uitgeteld, which immediately made it to the longlist of a literary prize. There are now eight books and five audio series to her name.

Jürgen Snoeren worked for many years as a publisher for several large publishers in the Netherlands and is now employed by the ANWB as director of the publishing company. He wrote several novels, including the thrillers Dodenstoel and Zonder Genade.

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Betzaïda Pitti Cerrud studied law and political science at the University of Panama and has a master’s degree in criminal law. She has participated in several congresses, seminars and workshops in Panama and Colombia. Betzaïda worked at the Public Prosecutor’s Office for 22 years, where she was mainly in charge of murder cases, she was also the Public Prosecutor in the disappearance case of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon. Currently she works as a public defender and assists victims of domestic violence or gender violence, furthermore she is active in the field of human rights.

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